What Mia's clients are saying:

"Our coaching sessions are about me putting me first and allowing me to be more self-aware."


Practical Steps to Goal Setting

1. Assess where you are.
2. Determine where you want to be / what you want to achieve.
3. Create a plan of action, including time frame.
4. Enlist the help of a professional or accountability partner.
5. Get to work.
6. Review and adjust periodically.

- Mia Y. Pollard

Mia Y. Pollard, certified professional coach


Mia Y. Pollard is a supportive and empowering coach.  As she grows, she lifts those around her with courage, faith, wisdom and understanding.  Her mission is to help people develop their vision and make it a reality by creating actionable, measurable steps that foster success. Mia holds her clients accountable for the goals they set and supports them as they navigate life's transitions.  Mia helps people achieve REAL GOALS while they maintain balance and regain power.

Mia Y. Pollard is an ICF Certified, iPEC Trained, Certified Professional Coach. She is the principal coach at Audacious Purpose Coaching and Consulting.